Here are some of the open source projects that I am involved with.

OpenShift -

Since 2012 I have had the good fortune to work on the OpenShift platform, first as an engineer and currently as an engineering manager. We originally thought of OpenShift as a Platform-as-a-Service system, but this is almost overly limiting. The current incarnation of OpenShift, based on Linux Containers and Google’s Kubernetes system, represents an entire ecosystem of tools for development, deployment, and management of cloud-native software.

AsciiBinder -

In 2014, during my rotation as the OpenShift Origin tech lead (for v2), I helped the OpenShift documentation team migrate from PressGang to a text-file based approach to product documentation. Our system relied on git, text files written in the AsciiDoc markup format, and Asciidoctor, a powerful utility for transforming AsciiDoc-based files into HTML or PDF output.

The utility that I wrote caught the attention of docs teams outside of OpenShift. In 2015 a developer associated with one of those groups helped me to formalize my code into an open source project called AsciiBinder.

SWN Sector Generator -

One of my proudest and nerdiest programming accomplishments is this game aid for a tabletop roleplaying game called Stars Without Number. The game author produced an amazing set of rules for randomly creating a whole sector of space - star systems, planets, alien races - the works. This tool enables users to randomly generate one of these sectors and then download it as an all-in-one-page wiki.

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